Hi All,

Just to update you all on my album.

So sorry that this has taken longer than expected due to a few issues that cropped up and some unavoidable personal stuff too. However, the good news is that all the songs are now recorded, being mixed and the official ‘public’ release date will be late August or very early September.

However, those who have already pre-ordered or contributed to the Kickstarter campaign will be receiving their copies as soon as they are back from the factory, which will be well before the official release date.

We will also be releasing 3 tracks exclusively to Kickstarter contributors as “private downloads” as soon as they are mastered – watch this space!

With regards to other products such as calendars etc, because postage costs were calculated to allow for all products together, these will go out the same time as any releases ordered.

I will also be announcing a launch party date within the next few weeks as soon as the album goes to the factory!

Thank you all so much for your support, Im only totally apologetic that it couldn’t have all come together a little sooner.

More news soon!

Alice x